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Source Medicine, LLC, is a comprehensive healthcare practice that offers foundational medicine, specialized services, compassionate care and educational trainings for licensed therapists, bodyworkers and health care practitioners.

Client services are foundational medicine that are personalized to address acute and chronic pain, trauma, illnesses, and complex pathologies. We utilize a manual and energetic therapy, called Core Synchronism, natural therapeutics, non-specific stretches, lymph drainage, flower essences and nutrition to assist people in restoration of their optimal health.

Educational services include Core Synchronism trainings and tutoring, pediatric bodywork and natural therapeutics classes for  practitioners.

Our practice welcomes and works with all bodies: inclusive of non-gender conforming, LGBTQA, all cultures, races, ranges of ability, employment, age (newborns, infants, children and adults), pregnant and more.

We understand that the body can heal itself when it is in a neutral state of balance. Due to the nature of our stressful lifestyles, injuries, trauma and/or a health condition, our bodies have a difficult time in obtaining this balance. So, we need assistance.

Core Synchronism works to establish normal mechanics so this can occur. Through an individualized and compassionate approach, we offer hands-on treatments that meet the needs of each person/s, each step of the healing process.

“A human organism has the ability to heal itself, but often needs assistance. From a mechanical point of view, our job as Core therapists is to establish normal mechanics so this can occur” Dr. Robert Stevens