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2019 Trainings 

Core is a system of hand medicine that addresses the whole person, comprised of 7 levels.

Core Synchronism Level 1 (Level 2 will be reschedule for Spring 2020)

Due to popular demand, Core level 1 will be offered sooner rather than later.

Thurs. Sept. 5th 9-1pm
Fri. Sept. 6th 9-1pm
Sat. Sept 7th 9-1pm
Sun. Sept. 8th 1-5pm*
Mon. Sept. 9th 9-1pm                                                                                                                      Tues. Sept 10th 9-1pm

Tuition – $680, Early bird. Late registration $860 (on space available basis). Review $460

Non-refundable deposit, $340 due by July 5th.

Class size is limited to 10 students.

Limited need-based scholarships available, please inquire.

Core Synchronism Level 2

Will be offered in Spring 2020. To receive class updates, please email info4coredc@gmail.com.

Core Synchronism Level 3

Thurs. Sept. 26th 9-1pm
Fri. Sept. 27th 9-1pm
Sat. Sept 28th 9-1pm
Sun. Sept. 29th 1-5pm*
Mon. Sept. 30th 9-1pm

Class tuition – $640, Early bird. Late registration $820 (on space available basis). Review $440

Non-refundable deposit, $320 due by July. 26th.

Class size is limited to 10 students.

Please note:
Due to the smaller, more intimate class size, non refundable deposits are required 2 months before the start date of each class.  No exceptions. Classes may be cancelled if class sizes are not optimal. If this is the case, deposits will be fully refunded.

Source Medicine, LLC reserves these weeks for teaching classes, instead of treating patients. I value the time that is dedicated to offering Core classes and invite you to do the same.

*All Sunday classes are 1-5pm                                                                                     

Limited need-based scholarships available, please inquire.

LOCATION: Back Yard Clinic /403 Leighton Ave. Silver Spring, MD 20901

CORE SYNCHRONISM is a visionary hand medicine. Practitioners are trained to mechanically correct the motion of all body structures—bones, muscles, organs, structures of the brain, energetic structures, and medical devices and implants—to sync with the cerebral spinal fluid fluctuations and the movement core current, the vital life force in the center of the body. Clients experience deep relaxation and relief from inflammation and pain. Injuries heal faster, old traumas are addressed, chronic pain and illness can be alleviated and even resolved.

ORIGINS Core Synchronism unifies the physical system of Cranial Osteopathy and the energetic system of Polarity Therapy, and the philosophical studies of Dr. Robert Stevens to offer us a model addressing the body as a whole organism.


 Class topics include:

  • An introduction to the model and principles of Core Synchronism
  • The physiology of energetic, cerebral spinal fluid, and skeletal motion
  • How asynchronous motion produces inflammation and pain
  • Movements and manipulations of all skeletal structures in relationship to energetic and cerebral spinal fluid motion, to provide pain relief and increased relaxation
  • Lymphatic drainage in relation to energetic and cerebral spinal fluid motion, to clear stagnation, reduce water retention, and improve filtration of toxins


  • The principles of Polarity and the organization of the etheric body
  • The concept of Wave Pulses diagnostics
  • Location, palpation and correction of all major and minor chakras and the relationships between the elements (ether, air, fire, water, earth)
  • What is a wave pulse and what does this pulse indicate will be explored.
  • Chakras will be defined. Location, palpation and correction of all major and minor chakras will be covered.
  • How do elements (ether, air, fire, water, earth) interact in the birth body and the triad elemental relationships of stability and trauma. Students will learn to palpate and correct these elemental relationships. Included in these relationships will be the palpation and correction of organ structures.
  • Students will learn the polarity relationships of the entire spine and how to palpate and correct these relationships.
  • Students will learn a step-by-step process that will correct the birth body elemental relationships, the triad elemental relationships and the elemental spinal relationships for the Air Element, the Fire Element, the Water Element and the Earth element. A specific treatment sequence will also be taught for the Ether element. A treatment sequence based on a wave pulse reading will be learned and practiced.


Prerequisite: Core Level Two

Students will learn:

    • The physiological motion of each of the major brain parts in relationship to cerebral fluid fluctuation and the core current.
    • How to access and correct deep traumas that occurred during infant, child and adult years AND
    • The physiological motion of each of the major brain parts in relationship to cerebral fluid fluctuation.
    • To integrate the brain movement with the cranial bones.
    • To integrate the core current with the brain and cranial bones.
    • The physiological motion of the inner brain, ventricles, brain stem and spine.
    • To integrate the inner brain with the outer brain.
    • To integrate the core current, inner brain, outer brain and cranial bones. This integration will create an environment of greater stability within these structures. A discussion of the relationship between normal brain physiology and personality disorders will take place.
    • To palpate and correct the caduceus, long currents and circular currents of the core etheric body model.
    • To use the core current as a scanning mechanism to determine unusual asynchronous relationships.
    • To palpate and correct unusual brain patterns.
    • To access and correct deep traumas that occurred during infant, child and adult years. A discussion of the unconscious and what it represents will take place.
    • To journey into the unconsciousness and release deep-seated trauma.
Class material includes: sequences, descriptions of sequences and hand placements, illustrations. The majority of classroom time will be devoted to practice.

 Who can learn Core?  

Core 1 CEUs: 24 

Core 2 CEUs: 20

Core 3 CEUs: 20

Ideal for: physical therapists, bodyworkers, physicians, nurses, caregivers, parents, and any one who likes to learn about natural therapeutics. No prerequisites or licensure required. 



Keagha Carscallen (right), Core instructor and Marisa Alonso (left), PT, co-owner of Body Connect Health and Wellness and Core student

Keagha Carscallen
, owner of Source Medicine, LLC is an LMT, Certified Core Synchronism Practitioner and Instructor, Natural Therapeutics and Functional Nutritional Specialist. Keagha’s integrated, trauma-informed and compassionate approach was cultivate by decades of study, practice and the experience of restoring her own health after 12 years of a degenerative illness.



Please share briefly your occupation, type of experience in healthcare and/or bodywork:*
Do you need any special accommodations? If so, please explain.
How did you hear about Core Synchronism?
Amount: nonrefundable deposit, see below for details*
Select level:

Deposits can be made on-line or checks mailed to:

Source Medicine, LLC                                                                               

403 Leighton Ave.                                                                                      

Silver Spring, MD, 20901

Balances for class tuition are due on the first day of class. We will accept check, Visa, Discover, and Mastercard. 

$680 - Core 1/Early bird until July 5th, $820 Late registration

$640 - Core 3/Early bird until July 26th, $820 Late registration

Core 1, non-refundable deposit $340 due by July 5th.

Core 3, non-refundable deposit $320 due by July 26th

Contribute to a need-based scholarship: $25/ $50/$100/$150/$200

Cancellation policy:

If you cancel more than eight weeks before the start of the class, your deposit will be refunded minus a $50 administrative fee. We cannot offer refunds for cancellations made less than eight weeks before the class unless we are able to fill your space. If we are able to fill your space, the administrative fee will be $100 and the balance will be refunded. There is no refund if you decide to leave the class early.

If we cancel:

We reserve the right to postpone Core Synchronism Level 1 and/or Level 2 up until 1 week of the first day of class. If the class is completely canceled then the amount you have paid will be FULLY refunded.



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