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Discounted rates

Discounted treatment policy

Source Medicine, LLC offers more fairly priced services at a discounted rate for those individuals who require financial assistance due to limited resources. Discounted rates are discussed on individual basis according to a person’s circumstances.

Discounted rates are not intended to subsidize a person’s ability to see other practitioners at full rate. For those individuals who currently are seeing multiple practitioners, and are requesting a discounted rate, please consider evaluating which treatment approaches are most crucial for you receive at this time. Often, it is more effective to receive fewer treatment protocols at one time, to best access what is most beneficial.

5-person at-a-time

Discounted rates are offered to 5 people, for a 3-month period of treatment. After 3 months, we re-evaluate their progress and determine if continued treatment is necessary. If the discounted slots are full, you will be placed on a waitlist.