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Keagha Marie Carscallen, CCP, NTS, LMT  is a certified core synchronism practitioner and instructor, natural therapeutics specialist, nutritional educator and owner of Source Medicine, LLC, a Silver Spring, MD based health practice that offers foundational medicine. Foundational medicine addresses the Core of who you are. The layers that make up who we are: mental, emotional, energetic, physical surround our Core. When trauma occurs it can shift our stability on any and all of these levels. Keagha’s practice is not theory based, it is based on hands-on treatments, that utilizes the bodywork practice of Core Synchronism (a manual therapy that unifies the physical system of cranial osteopathy with the energetic system of polarity therapy), functional nutrition, natural therapeutics, lymph drainage, non-specific stretches, reflexology, flower essences, hair analysis and homeopathy to assist people in restoring their optimal health.


I am lover of good music, rainbows, children’s smiles and sunsets. I like to move – to dance, hike and float in the ocean. I enjoy “showing up” for people. Listening and learning from people’s lived experiences, and supporting people through their own healing process.

My integrated, compassionate and intuitive approach was cultivated by restoring my own health. To make a long story short, after a decade of severe chronic pain, immobility, insomnia, eighty-six allopathic physicians, many alternative therapies, and excessive pharmaceutical medications, I gave up.

When an elder suggested I receive a Core Synchronism treatment, I didn’t have anything to loose. Then, everything changed. My pain no longer was overtaking me. I laughed for the first time in years.

After many years of receiving Core treatments, homeopathic and radionic remedies, I continue to explore the depth of healing that these methods can offer.