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About Us

Keagha Marie Carscallen, CCP, NTS, LMT
 is a certified core synchronism practitioner and instructor, natural therapeutics specialist, nutritional educator and owner of Source Medicine, LLC, a Washington, D.C. based health practice that offers foundational medicine to address acute and chronic pain, trauma, symptoms of illness and complex pathologies. Using an individualized and trauma-informed treatment approach, she utilizes the bodywork practice of Core Synchronism (a manual therapy that unifies the physical system of cranial osteopathy with the energetic system of polarity therapy), functional nutrition, natural therapeutics, lymph drainage, non-specific stretches, reflexology, flower essences, and homeopathy to assist people in the restoration of their optimal health.

My integrated, compassionate and intuitive approach with each patient was cultivated and informed by my experience of restoring my health, after a decade of severe chronic pain, immobility and degenerative illness. After eighty-six allopathic physicians and many alternative therapies, overly medicated and near death, I eventually received Core Synchronism treatments. Shortly after the first treatment, I experienced a shift in my physical. emotional and mental state that was foreign to me. Sitting on a bench with my mother, I laughed for the first time in 8 years, since my diagnosis. My pain free days, turned into weeks, then months. Old traumas that were the underlying causes of my chronic illness, one by one, were released. It is a privilege to share the model of Core Synchronism as foundational medicine.