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Consultations & Hair Analysis

Acute Injury Consultations

Consultations for acute injuries of joints, soft tissue, muscles, and nervous system.

Hair analysis

Using a hair sample, energy patterns of trauma are evaluated. The hair analysis provides which method of treatment will best assist nature in restoring harmony to the life force and the whole being. Treatments may consist of homeopathic remedies, flower remedies, color remedies, etc. These remedies are coded information that represent the exact match to the individual’s deepest unconscious traumas. The sole purpose of the hair analysis and treatment is to identify the underlying causative imbalance (trauma). These hidden patterns of trauma often do not register when standard scientific clinical tests are run to determine the reason someone is suffering. Core radionic hair analysis and treatment may be used as a stand alone therapeutic approach to health imbalances or in conjunction with any other form of therapy.

Nutritional consultations offer an individualized approach to how the food we eat contributes to symptoms of pain, discomfort, and disease. Our daily meals can directly effect our body, these include digestion, brain functioning, sleep, elimination, immunity, emotional wellbeing, and hormonal balance. Through nutritional consultations, we work together to create do-able phases that allow for the body to function at optimal health. Each consultation is customized to address specific symptoms, body constitutions, health history, and lifestyle. Consultations are offered in person and by phone.