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In 2010, at 21 years old, I was diagnosed with a severe neuro-muscular disorder that crippled my life and left me nearly bed ridden. After years of misdiagnosis, misunderstanding, and harmful drug treatments, I started to believe that the best parts of living were over for me, and conceded to a life of pain, immobility, and heavy prescription medication dependance. It took one, single Core Synchronism treatment with Keagha to completely change my life. After the first treatment, there was such dramatic improvement I was able to ditch all the pills. My physician started me on a taper program and I was off my pain medication in a few months. After the second session, I had re-claimed my life, and my body. With each continuing session came permanent improvement. Not just with my body, but also with my mind and spirit. I have experienced all kinds of healing encompassing the globe. But, I have never experienced treatment from anyone who can even hold a candle to Keagha and her amazing work. Not only is Keagha one of the kindest, most beautiful people you will ever meet; her knowledge, talent, and willingness to guide her clients to the goal of happiness and health will make anyone, walking any path of life, enjoy their journey of life to the fullest.  Will Hanes, Washington, DC.

When I began seeing Keagha, I was also seeing a practitioner from a different discipline.  Although I was making some progress for awhile with this other practitioner with the symptoms of chronic constipation, brain fog, low-level chronic pain, I was taking close to 30 supplements several times a day. 

When I began seeing Keagha I was immediately impressed by her warmth and kindness, as well as the breadth and depth of her knowledge.  (I have been in healthcare, as a nurse, for more than 40 years.)

She provided skillful treatments and logical advice that began to help me pretty quickly.  I continued to see her for over a year and was amazed at how much progress I made during that time.  My initial symptoms are gone and I feel so much more vibrant and alive; and I believe the work that Keagha and I did together is the source of my improvement.  Core Synchronism is outside the usual understanding of medicine and healing; its effectiveness sets it apart from other types of healthcare I have learned about, practiced or received. Keagha was recommended by a friend who sang her praises; and now it is my turn to join the chorus. Marty Hanks, Carrboro, NC

As a bodyworker for the last 20 years, I have always been curious about different modalities. I first saw Keagha at Source Medicine for a Core session three years ago. I have chronic pain in my knees due to osteoarthritis from injuries incurred as a teenager. After my first core treatment, I immediately felt a tremendous amount of relief and ease in my body that I had not felt in many years! Keagha’s presence and commitment to the healing process is evident in her practice. This work is so powerful and her work so amazing that I travel from DC to NC at least twice a year for back-to-back sessions when I can. La Sarmiento, Body Worker, Dharma Leader and Retreat Manager Washington, DC

When I first went to Keagha Carscallen for a Core treatment, I had suffered a broken and sprained wrist and frozen shoulder from a fall some months before, and was also experiencing some digestive issues that had gone on for years.  After several sessions with Keagha, I had much more fluidity and range of motion in my wrist, arm and shoulder. My digestion was much more easeful and comfortable, and has continued to be so. Surprisingly, there was also a much more “lined up” feeling regarding wanting to eat nourishing foods, letting go of less nourishing choices without a struggle, as well as feeling more integrated and aligned in other areas of my life. This was an added benefit, and continues to grow and unfold. I highly recommend Keagha as a practitioner. She is compassionate, skillful and competent in her practice of Core Synchronism. Her work would be helpful for a wide range of conditions, from aches and pains, to digestive complaints, to auto immune problems and many others. Cynthia Flowers, Chapel Hill, NC

In the year I have been seeing Keagha at Source Medicine – what gifts! Layer after layer of physical and emotional symptoms, patterns have been addressed and alleviated – many of which I had grown accustomed to tolerating, thinking that they had just become part of my life. Through the work I have done with Keagha, I have more clarity and stamina. I am sleeping better, oh so much better. I am less irritable and more trusting of life. I feel more contentment and peace within myself. I have seen many different kinds of practitioners and worked with many healing modalities over thirty years and I have found none as profound and transformative as Core Synchronism and no practitioner as present, compassionate, intuitive, allowing, wise,“in tune” and responsive as Keagha.   Olivia Woodford, Durham NC

I first saw Keagha for treatment in 2012, when I was experiencing exercise-induced knee pain. For five months it was a struggle just for me to walk down stairs. I was preparing for a four month study abroad in the UK in which I’d be doing lots of walking, hiking, and climbing stairs. My options to address my pain were to proceed with a doctor and get x-rays to determine if I’d need surgery, or see Keagha for treatment; I chose the latter and I’m so glad I did.  Although I was mildly apprehensive at first, I felt positive changes in my knees and my body after just one session, and by the time I left for my trip I did not feel a trace of knee pain. To reach my flat, I had to climb about 10 flights of stairs, and I was without pain the entire time. Keagha also took the time to address digestive issues that I had been experiencing and provided me with the information that I needed to improve my gastrointestinal health.

Then, I saw Keagha again in the summer of 2013 for a shoulder injury. I had dealt with the pain for over three months before seeking treatment (due to time constraints) and I experienced results that led to the pain diminishing rapidly, much like my prior experience. My pain is now gone, I feel great, and I am so happy to know that core synchronism exists and that it works because it is a gentle, relaxing, natural solution to pain.” Jessica Straehle, Mebane, NC

Keagha Carscallen and Source Medicine’s work brought me back to life – emotionally, spiritually and physically – after a very stressful period of loss. At our first meeting, she noted that the long currents in my body were virtually without a pulse. But after several treatments, I could feel myself literally coming alive. I was able to feel my grief, but also set myself into motion again. I am so grateful for her fearless and yet tender approach to healing practice. And I’m so grateful to be back on my path – making great choices for myself and enjoying my rich, beautiful life. Jamie Grant/Executive Director, Arcus Center for Social Justice Leadership Kalamazoo, MI

 When I first started seeing Keagha at Source Medicine, I had deep sense of loss for a loved one and I felt inside that the pain would never go away but after a few months the pain turned to joy of having known and loved that awesome being.  Whenever I receive a treatment I feel complete and alive. Iden Campbell McCollum, Washington, DC

I came to use Keagha and Core Synchronism in hopes of relieving shoulder pain caused by a torn rotator cuff in both shoulders. What I received was more than I expected. She allowed me to talk out all of my health issues at the beginning of each session, then address those issues during each treatment. What I got was gradual relief from my pain, a better understanding of my body, and a better sense of myself. Don’t let the hippy dippy part of it persuade you. The truth is in the pudding. Tom Ferguson, Durham Catering/Rise Durham NC