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Flower Remedies

Bach and Robert Stevens flower remediesFlower Remedies are medicines made from the flowers of flowering plants. At Source Medicine, we use both the Edward Bach and Robert Stevens flower remedies to create individualized formulas for each client. Flower remedies are a perfect compliment to the deep work of Core Synchronism. This method has been proven effective for releasing the mental and emotional traumas that get stuck in our being.

Dr. Edward Bach was the modern day pioneer of this system of healing. He discovered that certain plants have a profound influence on the mental and emotional bodies. The latent power of the flowers is drawn out in the process of potentization. The potentization process is simple and involves little human interaction with the flowers.

Because our modern lifestyles are different from Dr. Bach’s day, Dr. Robert Stevens developed new flower essences to address our needs.




Dr. Robert StevensDr. Robert Stevens shares his experience of developing his system of flower remedies:

“In the year 1974 my own healing needs led me to seek help using the Bach Flower Remedies. The results were so encouraging that I became a student and practitioner of the Bach System. After several years of practice I was led to start my own proving of flowers not found within the Bach System. I was not interested in finding flowers that reproduced the proving that Dr. Bach carried out. His brilliant work stands completed. But things change as the wheel turns. The things that we are aware of now are different then Dr. Bach’s day. Hence, the need for new flower essences to address these needs. A proving is understanding the effect a flower has upon human consciousness. A proving is a journey from an unknown to a known effect on consciousness. The final phase of a flower proving is to put the effects into language. At this point we have a starting point of reference for those suffering. Here are two examples: if I am suffering from known fears and I am led to the Bach System I will discover that Mimulus treats all known fears. If I am suffering from hatred and am led to the Stevens System I will discover that Wild Violet treats all levels of hatred including self hatred.”